niedziela, 9 listopada 2014

I'm so cold i'm dripping icicles..."Ice Princess" jacket by HC

So, I'm kinda back. My whole social life is entirely gone thanks to my unversity. I'm learning a new language in a pretty fast pace... and it's taking it's toll on me but I'm kind of ok with that XD. The Sims 4 isn't as bad as I thought it will be. I like the system so i play from time to time. For a shor period of time I had an account on one of this forums for gay people, cause I wanted to be able to see profiles that my firend was sending to me. And of course my gay ass had to post some of my fierce faceshots there cause webcam toy has been super-generous for me lately XD

I mean...

And I must tell you...I've seen hell xd

for those of you who don't understand polish heres a lovely translation of this work of art :

I would love to blow you till I reach your ballsies ;), I'm sure theres plenty to gag on, hehe

That shit fucked me up so much....I still can't stop laughing bout this and I'm sure I woun't be able to stop soon. Also I'm extremaly sad to see sooo many people living not open. And it's mostly in my region, cause it's one of the worst to live in as a homosexual or just simply a bit more flamboyant person. But whatever, my gay ass could never play it straight, even if I wanted to xD. 

Anyways, Azealia Banks finally realeased Broke With Expensive Taste, It's bomb as fuck. Bye. I liked it so much I named my newest creation "Ice Princess" jacket, even though it has shit to do with the jacket itself xd. It's my first SUCCESSFUL creation for The Sims 4 and I don't think I'm going to post that often until there's a decent tool for making stuff for the game. I mean... no bump maps and speculars is killing my joy.

Soo there you go, it has 3 variations
-cool white/silver
-orangy-fiery color (?)

It's simple, sporty and bomb as fuck. It has lines all over it. I forgot to photograph the back ingame but ill attach a pic from s4s. Hope you'll find some use for it.


środa, 6 sierpnia 2014

i want sex giva fuck about yo ex

kinda want to release it but i dunno if i should release it as a body or a sheer dress like this..
or both? anyways i got some more stuff to do with this one, but i hope it'll be worth it

piątek, 1 sierpnia 2014

Outta Time dress by HardCandy

Well, that was hellofa month tbh. I got accepted on my major, i finally met pyszny face to face. It was bout time since we know each other since 4  to 5 years. I'm looking for an apartment to move in with my friend while I'm studying in another city. And I've lost my internet connection for about 5 days which was simply devastating. I also finished this dress but I wasn't really sure if I would put it out for you or not. I am veery analitycal and i need to dig trough all the data thats in my head to finally make a decision. And a part of me was like " its a flop" (THANKS A LOT PRZEMEK). But I finally moved on with the pressentation, and I ended up really liking this dress so there you go.

CC used in the photos :
-hair retextured by momo
-shoes by leahlillith

- 4 recolorable channels ( top, skirt, colar,belts n shit, and sleeves)
- available as a casual, formal, career and sport outfit
- it comes with 3 stencil options and one clean version

Also wanted to thank you guys for the downloads. My winter dress has been downloaded over 5k times which is a lot for me and it means shit tons for my creating will :D <333

sobota, 3 maja 2014

I just can't rely on you...

Well, it's been a while. But I'm back with a new dress. I have my final exams troughout entire may so I am not back for good. But.. yeah there you go. Hope you like the dress and have a nice weekend.

Ok it has 4 recolorable channels:


It's availalbe as an everyday outfit as well as formal one.You can use it as a career outfit. Huge Shoutout for Modish Kitten for a part of his/her mesh. He/she wouldn't reply to my email regarding editing his/her mesh but I've used it anyway. If you want this not to be available to download just contact me.


niedziela, 22 grudnia 2013

Darling, you can't let everything seem so dark blue...

Yup, so I had a little break. Still not 100% sure if im back in the bussines cause it's my senior year, and I have to deal with final exams and all that shit. I've had this dress in my head for about a month, I drew it and I knew i had to make it. Hope ya like and appriciate it. It has 4 recolorable channels. It's available as everyday and formal outfit. It's not gonna appear on random sims. So go and grab one :D.


Take a deep breath, suck the water in my chest...

środa, 30 października 2013

Do what you want with me, what you want with my body...

I'm loving the new stuff Gaga's put out yet. The new single is just badass. R. Kelly's voice is just so good on this record! I'm tottaly seduced. But I'm sure I'm way too old..

Yeah...that wasn't the greatest joke of mine...bad taste...sorry.
Anyway, the song rocks my world , so I was inspired to do something... And as Gaga is just prancing around naked showing her Pepsi Cola

BTW who da fuck makes such thing?!

My favourite Lana's song TBH
I couldnt go literall so I decided to go with the theme of feminism which has apparently heavily inspired gaga doing this album.It's sexayyyyyyy, feminine and all that shieet. It has three recolorable channels as it is shown on the pic. Hope you like it. And you bitches...I wanna read some nice ass comments because those last two post...they were fuckin empty in the comment section. And if I'm not gonna get some fucking feedback , I AM goin to slap the shit outta ya. ok sweethearts?