niedziela, 22 grudnia 2013

Darling, you can't let everything seem so dark blue...

Yup, so I had a little break. Still not 100% sure if im back in the bussines cause it's my senior year, and I have to deal with final exams and all that shit. I've had this dress in my head for about a month, I drew it and I knew i had to make it. Hope ya like and appriciate it. It has 4 recolorable channels. It's available as everyday and formal outfit. It's not gonna appear on random sims. So go and grab one :D.


Take a deep breath, suck the water in my chest...

środa, 30 października 2013

Do what you want with me, what you want with my body...

I'm loving the new stuff Gaga's put out yet. The new single is just badass. R. Kelly's voice is just so good on this record! I'm tottaly seduced. But I'm sure I'm way too old..

Yeah...that wasn't the greatest joke of mine...bad taste...sorry.
Anyway, the song rocks my world , so I was inspired to do something... And as Gaga is just prancing around naked showing her Pepsi Cola

BTW who da fuck makes such thing?!

My favourite Lana's song TBH
I couldnt go literall so I decided to go with the theme of feminism which has apparently heavily inspired gaga doing this album.It's sexayyyyyyy, feminine and all that shieet. It has three recolorable channels as it is shown on the pic. Hope you like it. And you bitches...I wanna read some nice ass comments because those last two post...they were fuckin empty in the comment section. And if I'm not gonna get some fucking feedback , I AM goin to slap the shit outta ya. ok sweethearts?

niedziela, 20 października 2013

We were born to die...

Ok, quick post, got a new dress. Made it in an hour. It's damn simple but I feel like its a good addon to your game so there you go... It's kind of inspired of Jessicas Langes new character in AHS Fiona. Classy as fuck, badass as fuck. Hope you like it.

Hair retexture by fanaskher <3

sobota, 19 października 2013

December never felt so wrong...

Hey guyssss. I'm going trough flu right now. A incredibly nasty one. I'm the kind of person that prances around healthy when everyone else is sick and right after they get better, I wake up sick as motherfucker. So yeah, forgive me not posting earlier.  This is the dress I mentioned in my last post. Hope you like it. It has 3 recolourable channels ( top, skirt and the flower applique) and it is availbe as everyday, formal and career outfit. Have fun.

czwartek, 3 października 2013

When we don't fight, we burn...

So, If you follow my blog and you've already seen the COVEN pictures, you may know what its about. I'm a huge fan of American Horror Story and the new season is coming on nov.9th and im pissing with excitment. As it focuses on witches, and haloween is coming, I thought I'm going to make this month special and upload some shit that came to me as witchy.

The Coven is just like a big tag name for the whole process so... I have no idea how many parts of it will appear here. But I assure it will be more than 4. I just don't want to bring crap to you and 4 is a safe number for me cause I allready have them done.
So, the first piece im giving to you is an uniform form the  AHS trailer. It was pretty damn cool so i had to recreate it.
I used Sentate's mesh from his gale dress.Also if you're reading :D I've also read your email during classes, and it gave me a huge grin on my face for the rest of the day, so thanks darling.

So there you go get the shiiiiiiiiiet. I haven't done any pictures except for one because I simply don't give a single fuck.

So does Latonja up there. She stabbed her boyfriend by the way. She seems pretty heartbroken, doesn't she?

The outfit has 3 recolorable channels: shirt, skirt, cuffs and collar. Available as everything you need in your life. Also by the way, the mesh is slighlty jagged by the end of thew shirt and thats because I am one crappy creator and my meshing is to shit XD And thats the best I can get now so stop complaining and grab yourself a copy of that badass uniform.  I know you want you perv.

Kay soo, I would love you to tell me what are you looking foward to see from me. Maybe you want some more typical witchy(ortypehereanyhaloweenytypeofdeal) looks, or bit more modern(mine) twists, like this dress which is my next upload.
So yeah... i'm waiting for your wishlist.But if ill get some kind of "do a sexy witch costume" post I AM going to cut you up.

Meanwhile can we talk about important stuff like Angela Merkel being chosen as cancler of Germany for the n'th time?
No.. not really, so lets talk bout dicks and other fun subjects.
have you ever seen some Czech Hunter videos? You probably did if you're gay. Well... I saw the face of the guy and it was so disappointssss...... I did cry actually for a second...
Soooo... I'm living currently in Poland, and as much as I love haloween, the background of it and its tradition, I've never experianced one. And I wish I had. We only celebrate All Hallows and thats one sad fucking event. And an fake one as well. I hope someone is fucking reading it cause im not writing this for fucking nobody! I will put a gif here so I can catch your attention.
Well all the families whose members are dead, are going to the cementary to light a candle in memory of them. They wear their best clothes and parade between the graves. The sad part is that 99% of them are visiting the cementary only 3 days a year. The day before All Hallows to clean the graves ( i dont know how the memorial board is called in english), on All Hallows and the day after it. So I don't really feel connected with the tradition of it. I do my own "haloween" parties which content of calling up ghosts and covering ourselfs in fake blood followed by getting drunk and parading around the city. I always think of haloween as an spiritual day. But it probably is just another party to most of the people, right? Can somebody familiar with Haloween tell me? I would love to know your opinions!
So yeah...
Oh and also, Ig you haven't seen the GODS WARRIOR IN HER FULL GLORY WACH IT NOW

Buhbay dahlins