środa, 4 maja 2016


I am moving to TSR, before yall bash me for that, heres 2 reasons why:
-broke as fuck and in need of monies
-since the "mysims3blog" is no longer updated, the range of noticeability of my post has drasticly decreased and as much as I love creating for all 14 of you xD I want to get to more people and I feel like TSR is the way to go especially when it comes to Sims 3. And since there is no more "premium" content on TSR anymore I feel like TSR is a good deal. So babies, love you all, I'm going to post some of my old stuff on my TSR account. And If I don't feel like uploading a particular cc on my TSR, feel free to ask me for a link, i'll gladly give it to you :3 LOVE YAAAAAAL